About Classical Pilates 

Pilates is an exercise system that focuses on strength, movement and concentration and is suitable for all ages and levels. 

My Story 

After a career as a fashion buyer and raising four children, I retrained, first as a yoga teacher, then following an injury my physio recommended Pilates. I needed a controlled method of fitness to strengthen my joints.  
I have a hypermobile body and I love yoga, but I had to teach myself not to be so stretchy, just because I could, didn't mean I should! I wasn ́t thrilled at the time having to do Pilates, the classes I had tried at the gym up until then, had been too slow and with too many people in the class for me to enjoy. My Physio told me about a studio nearby and said it was an investment in my body I should make. They were right after one class I was addicted... 
Pilates totally fascinated me and I needed to find out how the system worked. 
I started my Pilates Classical training with Power Pilates New York at Pi studios in Battersea with Holly Murray, she was trained by Romana Kryzanowska who is one of the original elders as taught by Joseph Pilates himself. I completed the full comprehensive training on all the apparatus with over 700 hours observing in 2011. 
I taught in studios at Pilates Nation & Exhale Pilates in North London, in 2014 I moved to Fuerteventura and taught Pilates at the Azulfit retreat. 
After my return to the UK, in 2017 Flow Studios first opened its doors in Hintlesham. In February 2019 we moved to East Bergholt into a larger studio with more equipment in the most amazing surroundings. Then lockdown and Covid happened.... so now I have opened a gorgeous studio in the garden at home in Tattingstone. 
I love to share my passion of the Pilates knowledge with you, and just let the magic happen! 
I look forward to meeting you... 

The Equipment  

A sliding carriage attached to springs 
A four posted table with springs attached to the posts 
A chair with a spring loaded paddle 
A padded half barrel with a ladder attached 

Joseph Pilates 1883 - 1967 

Joseph Hubertus Pilates was born 1883 in Germany. He put together this exercise system, created from all the forms of exercise he used to do (weights, yoga, gymnastics, boxing & martial arts) and studied anatomy to understand how the body moved. Pilates is just is what it is, and it does what it does... He has created a legacy that is endorsed by Osteopaths, GPs, sports coaches and Physiotherapists. 
“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” 
Joseph Pilates 





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